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Welcome To KNPIS

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to KNPIS where nothing can replace things on-the-lot experience.

SMT K. N. Patel International(KNPIS) School is a high performing educational
setting serving. KNPIS has Magnet Program options and choice academies as we focus on developing students in areas of their interest. Students in this academy can earn high school and college credits during their school years.

KNPIS school strongly values the arts, as such, students that are interested can choose from a variety of classes in the areas of Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Music. We also offer a comprehensive sports program for both boys and girls.

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How We Work

Follow us on a guided tour through our video and website and get your
own personal experience of life and study

The one true aim of our programs is to help our students become better English speakers. Lessons are fun, interactive, and designed to be effective in a short period of time.

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Our Co-curricular Activities

Indoor Activities

Regular indoor activities increase improve body fitness, Encourages Creativity and Hand-eye Coordination.

Outdoor Activities

Physical skills are important for growth, physical coordination. Outdoor activities are increase the ability of balancing, jumping, climbing, throwing, running and skipping.

Dance Class

Through dance, children develop a greater range of movement whilst developing the ability to work within different spaces. Dance and movement patterns also develop kinesthetic memory.

Art and Craft

It Enhances Motor and Coordination Skills, Language Development, Academic Skills, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Our Facilities

E Learning

Principal’s message

We aim to create a student-centered atmosphere where students can learn effectively, meaningfully, and joyfully. Our students enter the world with the determination to achieve their professional goals, to become great leaders, and to make significant contributions to society. KNPIS students are taught to be critical and organized thinkers who adhere to the highest disciplinary expectations. Tolerance, cooperation, humanity, honesty, and resilience are among the qualities we foster. Each child’s ASK (Attitude, Aptitude, Skills, and Knowledge) are established, nurtured, and encouraged. School offers a platform for students to learn, express themselves, and exhibit/explore their hidden talents. KNPISites find the wellsprings of professional attitude and vigour that make them quintessential underneath the effervescence of its campus. It is both a privilege and a constant challenge for us to educate our students in both classical and contemporary learning styles. We offer them a strong base in global cultural understanding. Our curriculum and schedules encourage confidence, direction, and critical thinking in order to develop refined, well-adjusted, adaptable, and integrated personalities in young minds. Excellent facilities and guidance offered by devoted faculty build an energizing environment at KNPIS. We believe that every child is a “Winner,” and we place a strong emphasis on personal grooming and growth. KNPIS will always be a beacon of light, leading the path of its students and radiating kindness and compassion. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all KNPIS stakeholders, including administrators, parents, students, and colleagues, for their unwavering support and dedication in transforming the school into “an Institution with a Difference.” We, the caretakers, facilitators, and co-learners, warmly welcome you all to this mindful learning laboratory—a universe pulsing with each pupil’s hopes and ambitions that would make a difference in the world we live in now and in the future!

Mrs. Payal Siddhpura
Principal, KNPIS