Guidelines for parents and students

"The establishment of a kid's character is laid in his early stages"

In a day, a kid invests one fourth of his energy in school and three fourths of his experience with his folks. Understanding this reality, guardians ought to never believe that by sending their ward to a decent school, they have freed of their obligations. The guardians and the instructors work in association for the inside and out advancement of a kid. It is essential to encourage understudies to regard school train and be pleased with it.


Guardians should guarantee that their wards join the school on the told date toward the start of the term or after each get-away. Guardians to change exercises done in class and watch that youngster does the schoolwork routinely. Guardians should take dynamic and supportive interest in the exercises of the school. Guardians ought to guarantee accommodation of Assignments and Projects on schedule. This will make kid secure imprints. Chronicle/Annual Planner/site will give data about test dates, occasions, PTM’s, Fees and scholarly example of youngster. Please check it routinely and stay refreshed.


Guardians/gatekeepers are mentioned to check the school chronological registry of their ward day by day and note the guidelines/Remarks made in it. It ought to be seen and countersigned by guardians day by day as proof that comments have been perused. Inability to do so may nullify the point of comments.

Kindly location all correspondence to the Principal through the class educator. Obviously notice your youngster’s confirmation number, class and area in your correspondence. If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to illuminate the school if there is any adjustment in your location, assignment or phone number by presenting an application to the class instructor.

Check the school gateway/site routinely. Keep yourself refreshed about school exercises and other data.

You can meet the Principal and educators during the meeting hours. Kindly don’t attempt to contact the Principal or educators via telephone. Meeting the Principal with earlier arrangements will be valued as he needs to make himself allowed to address your interests.

Guardians can pass on their interests in regards to their wards. Educational and Non-Scholastic execution or any random matter which is hampering the advancement of kids through Almanac. On the off chance that your interests are ‘not tended to’ inside three working days, at that point either a mail might be shipped off Principal or meeting with Co-Ordinator//Principal, with earlier arrangement might be mentioned, contingent on the gravity of the matter.

The school has faith in direct collaboration/exchange with guardians just and not their gatekeeper, for issues identified with Academic execution/Behavioral issues and some other authoritative necessities of kids to forestall any misconception.

Directives for the school from guardians ought to be conveyed face to face, recorded as a hard copy or by phone/electronic mail. Informal messages through youngsters or companions or watchmen ought not to be utilized.


If it’s not too much trouble, mark every one of the effects of your ward with his/her name, affirmation number, class and segment.

Do invest quality energy going through scratchpad particularly on ends of the week.

Disappearing during working days is emphatically debilitate. Guardians are dependable to compensate for the deficiency of studies if there should be an occurrence of leave taken. The school will anticipate that these students should be at standard with the class inside and out and that should be guaranteed by the guardians.

Guarantee that your youngster doesn’t carry any significant articles to class. If there should arise an occurrence of loss of resources, the school will make an honest effort to follow the thing however won’t be liable for the misfortune.

Endowments and Valuable articles like gold/precious stone adornments (chain and danglers), facial make-up like eye cosmetics, nail craftsmanship and bindi, Mehandi finishing on arms and feet, body workmanship (Tattoo) is carefully precluded in the school. Utilization of Mehandi ought to be confined to the internal side of the palm and that too with earlier authorization. Fasteners, groups in bottle green shading just are allowed.

Guardians to guarantee that their wards go to class in perfect and very much pressed total uniform. Young men with diminutive and fair hairstyle (not in vogue or military trim) and young ladies with plaits or horse all things considered. If there should arise an occurrence of resistance, they will be given Disciplinary cards. Reiteration will de-bar them from going to the classes and guardians will be called to take them home.

Wellbeing and Security

Guardians are mentioned to see off and get their wards at the bus station (particularly Classes Pre-Nursery to V). Guardians to convey their school ID card at whatever point they visit the school to meet authorities/instructors on working days and on PTM, in any case, passage might be confined.

Guardians are mentioned not to gather their wards during school hours. In the event of a crisis, the parent should come face to face or an approved individual whose photo is glued in the Almanac should come, alongside the application and guardians should likewise pass on the message telephonically to the worried In-control.

It is required for the understudies utilizing individual movement (Two Wheelers) at home to wear protective caps and convey permits. They are just permitted to ride 50cc bicycles according to the warning of the Traffic Police Department. The well-being and security of the youngster is the sole duty of the guardians, in such cases.

Rouse your kid to keep a legitimate implicit rule. Any bad conduct/indiscipline and harm to class property may prompt genuine results (disciplinary activity).

No sharp articles to be a specific edge, blade, scissors, needle ought to be shipped off school to guarantee wellbeing. Posting slanderous comments and profane pictures via web-based media will welcome serious disciplinary activity (Suspension/Rustication from school).

Guardians and watchmen should not visit their wards or educators in the study halls.

Electronic devices (mobiles, I-unit, play-stations, sound/video players, camera and so forth) are not allowed inside the school premises according to CBSE school rules. Whenever found, the articles will be seized for a half year. Assuming such examples are rehashed, the kid will be approached to leave the school.

Ownership and utilization of liquor, cigarette, tobacco items and some other type of inebriating/unlawful substance are carefully disallowed and will welcome ejection from school with quick impact.

Guardians are proposed to send solid sterile Vegetarian food. Non-Vegetarian food ought to be kept away from as it makes kids sluggish and may prompt food contamination.

Guardians should guarantee that their wards have gathered their school sacks cautiously for the afternoon. Nothing as lunch boxes/pencil boxes/books/action material/instrument and so forth will be permitted passage in the school after the school starts.


Youngsters won’t be sent from school with half-day leave on the guise of any explanation. On the off chance that the kid isn’t restoratively fit to go to the school, at that point it’s fitting to have legitimate consideration and rest at home. For other different reasons (home capacities, marriage, birthday and so forth), sympathetically check the need and take a suitable choice. Guardians are mentioned not to make any friendly commitment or clinical arrangements during working hours.

By no means the youngster will be sent back home once he goes to school. Any solicitation or application in such a manner won’t be engaged. The kid will be checked Absent on the off chance that he/she is driven away from the school premises during the day.

In the event that a youngster is discovered unwell while at school or gets harmed while playing, at that point school will advise guardians promptly and will be permitted to gather their ward from school for additional strategy.

An understudy who has regard for the school and the educator adapts monstrously. Try not to scrutinize the school or the educator within the sight of your kid. In the event that you have any real objection, compassionately meet the Principal/Administrator.

You are mentioned to guarantee that the birthday festivity of your ward in the school is limited to his/her colleagues just and ought to be for a humble scope. The kid is allowed to bring any chocolate/toffee (cost Re 1/ -) to disperse. Expensive chocolates and cakes are carefully not permitted in class or transport.

Offspring of Pre-essential and Primary may come in an easy-going dress on their birthday. Understudies from VI to XII will answer to class in uniform on Birthdays. Understudies ought not to wear watches and gems.

No blessing/desserts are to be sent for the staff individuals at any event.

Urge your ward to talk in English at home and give him/her atmosphere to improve communication in English.

Natural Concern

KNPIS is a poly sack-free zone. All guardians are mentioned not to send or get any article to class poly sack.

Inactivity to monitor woods through the negligible utilization of paper, the school organization has chosen to get rid of printed booklets. All things considered; the booklets will be put on the school site. Kindly sign on to the authority site to check fliers/Newsletters/Academic and Miscellaneous Information.

Commandments for good parenting

Guardians ought to invest quality energy with their kids. They should forfeit their recreation hours in the event that they need to see their wards satisfy their fantasies.

Analysis of the school, the Principal and the educators ought to be evaded before youngsters. Such analysis constructs an affront for the school, and the youngster may wind up in a mess with respect to adhering to the guidelines and implicit rules set somewhere near the school.

The school rules should initially be trailed by the guardians, like paying charges on schedule, going to all PTMs, coming to class on calls from the instructors, the Wing Head or the Principal. Seeing the guardians’ positive reaction, the youngsters will promptly acknowledge their instructors’ directions.

Try not to be hasty in arguing your ward’s case if an instructor of the school has rebuffed them. Attempt to know the explanation by first conversing with your youngster and afterward conversing with the concerned educator or the HM.

Never say, “We are acquiring and accomplishing difficult work for you; what we have has a place with you.” Postpone moment satisfaction and figure out how to separate among need and need. Bring up youngsters in a focused way.

Guardians ought to routinely process the packs and possessions of their youngsters at any rate once every week. A couple of youngsters here and there carry undesirable material to class, so guardians ought wouldn’t fret if the sacks/pockets/bottles are checked by the school specialists.

Guardians ought to never permit unchecked, uncontrolled, unaided admittance to the web and interpersonal interaction sites, particularly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google talks to their kids. On the off chance that the kids feel terrible about it, let them feel so. Guardians ought to be firm on their choice as it is an issue of their ward’s future. Such sites welcome interruption as there is a bounty of frightful material accessible on the web. Awful is in every case, terrible, and awful will exacerbate the kid on the off chance that he isn’t checked and guided at the opportune time and the correct age.

Versatile culture ought not to be empowered during school life. Experience passes on that there is more damage than anything else because of portable habit. It is a gadget that occupies the majority of the youngsters from their investigations. Proactive tasks, for example, sports, ought to be empowered for the solid improvement of the youngster. On the off chance that the youngsters are too youthful to even think about going alone, their folks should take them to the jungle gym.

Include your children just as girls in family errands like washing, cleaning, tidying, pressing garments, cooking and planting, which might be taken up for 30 minutes two times per week. This channelizes their energy in productive work and shows them pride in work, aside from lessening the hostility in them. A cautious mix of immovability and tolerance ought to be utilized. An overabundance of spoiling will be dangerous in later phases of school and school. Over-arguing the instances of wards will bear negative outcomes in life ahead. They may become compassion searchers. In the wake of falling apart good guidelines in the general public, guardians should keep a nearby watch on their youngster’s companion circle, including educational cost companions. They should often visit educational cost classes (on the off chance that they join in) to check if there is a recognizable change in their conduct. The guardians should monitor the use of the youngster’s pocket cash and assist him with building up a propensity for setting aside cash. They should cease giving overabundance of cash to their kid. The school doesn’t request that the cash from guardians and SMS be shipped off the guardians on the off chance that cash is required.

Show restraint toward your kid; never show eruptions of outrage, radiate the-sleeve comments or make a hasty judgment without tuning in to them. Give your kid time, guidance and love and perceive how flawlessly you can avert every one of the negative contemplations of your youngster.