Code of Conduct for Students


Coming to class consistently is a basic piece of an understudy’s life. This teaches control and routineness in an understudy, which thusly instils virtues and guarantees all-encompassing instruction. No understudy will be permitted to enter the class without a leave application on the off chance that he/she has been missing the earlier day.

Time away

Understudies who have been wiped out for at least 3 days need to bring a clinical testament from their PCP on re-joining the School.

All understudies ought to go to class on the resuming day after every one of the get-away. Those missing will be fined at the pace of Rs. 100/ – each day. Those missing by virtue of any disease should introduce a clinical endorsement before they are permitted into the class. It is obligatory for all understudies to keep up ordinary participation throughout the Academic Session, 75% participation is compulsory to empower them to show up in the Final Assessment. The rate, nonetheless, could be loose on clinical grounds. An authentication of legitimacy will be given to understudies with 100% participation

On the off chance that a youngster is missing from the school without earlier data for 7 days in continuation his/her name will be struck off from the participation register.

Leave during Periodic Test, Half yearly and Annual assessment ought to be carefully kept away from as it might hamper the youngster’s Academic Progress and Promotion to higher class. Understudies unfit to show up in Examination because of clinical reasons ought to submit application to Principal alongside copies of clinical remedy and clinical declaration.

It is the sole obligation of Parents to illuminate School/Class Teacher if kid is missing. School will enquire just when kid is missing for in excess of 2 ceaseless days without authorization.