About us

Welcome To KNPIS

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to KNPIS where nothing can replace things on-the-lot experience.

SMT K. N. Patel International(KNPIS) School is a high performing educational setting serving. KNPIS has Magnet Program options and choice academies as we focus on developing students in areas of their interest. Students in this academy can earn high school and college credits during their school years.

KNPIS school strongly values the arts, as such, students that are interested can choose from a variety of classes in the areas of Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Music. We also offer a comprehensive sports program for both boys and girls.

One of our missions at KNPIS is to create future leaders in businesses, organizations, and our community. Thus, we focus on developing habits and traits that lead to highly effective individuals. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering an engaging curriculum in an environment that promotes values of honesty, integrity, respect and kindness.